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Jacopo Dotti born in 1990, in province of Padua. After primary and secondary studies, he starts to follow his artistic & design vocation, to hight school Liceo Artistico Statale Amedeo Modigliani of Padua. At the same time, he growed up passion for music, beginning to play electric bass and percussions.

In the period of hight school, he had as teacher in sculpture course, the note artist Antonio Ievolella, with witch he collaborated on creation and realization of 3d modeling project and  then, to real construction of the Voltabarozzo’s fountain, on the main square.

He has been noticed, in a talent, during which, he had the fortune to work and play with Francesco Mandelli, for music television program “School in Action” by MTV. He gets the artistic certificate in 2009. In this time, he increased his compositional and musical experience, becoming a multi-instrumentalist.

In 2009 he collaborates with Liceo Artistico Statale Amedeo Modigliani to analyze, project, recover, in Industrial Archeology field, the important industrial complex of Ex-Iutificio of  Piazzola sul Brenta, the area directly in front of Villa Camerini-Contarini, where was organized the exposition of that recovering projects, in collaboration with professor Franco Sguotti. 

Always in 2009 was selected to expose, some of his illustration works, at Comune di Padova, in a collective exhibition organized by Liceo Artistico Amedeo Modigliani and the professor Nicola Uneddu, in collaboration with the University of Padua, Ministero dei beni Culturali and the same common.

He continued his studies at faculty on Science and Technical of Graphic & Multimedia Communication at IUSVE (Venice), where he gets bachelors in 2014, under supervision of important photographic critic and relator, Angelo Maggi.

He was selected as designer and creator of 2010 - 2011 Work Shop’s brand image for the same faculty, IUSVE.

After some working experiences around Italy and Europe, he started to work in father studio called Studios Dotti from 1977, that in 2011 became Revolux Studios, an important creative point of reference, in all design fields.

Now, he is head to the design, communication, sound recording, international  artist menagement and booking, departments for the same studio.

In 2010 he received the task for project Giuseppe Nalin’s Official web platform and related web platform for Ensamble Baroque “Sans Souci”.

In 2013 born Revolux Studios Records, a branch of Revolux Studios, define as Record Label, for artist intermediation and sound recording. Through that, he launched his first Chromos’s album “Substructures” performing it in to Capeau Rouge (Prague) and releasing an interviewed by Radio Cooperativa and Radio Bue of Padua, where for first time, he gets possibility of transmission on air his music, and discussing about Psy Scene in Italy.

Important, was debut on main local and national festival and events like Dissidance Electronic Festival, Ambient Connection - Festa dei Popoli (Prato della Valle, Padua), Cerebration Festival e Sherwood Festival, Balckmoon Festival, Goaland Festival and others. In december of 2014 becomes creative director at Revolux Studios and under Revolux Studios Records, set up different music projects and performance with Dust, Gotalien, Ilai, Dj Yahel, Liquid Soul, Loud, Ace Ventura, Shpongle and others, with the most important discographic labels of sector, as Iono Records (Germany), Kamino Records (Mexico), Beyond Logic Records (India), BMG, Iboga Records (Denmark), Nano Records (Israel), FM Booking (Israel).

In design field, he followed the main and right principle of production on Eco-Compatibility Design, involved also in planning of modular architectonic structures by a methodic approach to creation, visible also in art installations.

In 2014 he receives an important public appointment from Comune of Barbano of Grisignaino di Zocco, to project a commemorative monument for the fourthundred year of death, of one of the most important italian and international architect of 16th Century,Vincenzo Scamozzi, as well known as, the major heir, of Andrea Palladio, the master of Italian architecture, internationally known. With the same, he gets the task to document and write a book about restoration process and on the the main concepts and ideas which have lead to, definitive project of monument.

In music, video, and artist intermediation, he gets the link in which everything finds it dimension, leading collaborations and projects that he had involved with different artists and organizations, like Zuccone D’oro, Firetales, Festa delle Streghe, Hidesounds, Baskers, Factory Club.


In 2015 he had the possibility to organize his first international music “teaser” in collaboration with Beyond Spirit Festival one of the most important Psy Trance Festival in India, and its organizer Dj Psycobaba, bringing the original Goa / Trance sounds directly, from where they were born. 

In 2015 he products the official video for the famous oboist Nicolò Dotti, classified as second position on prestigious Concorso Abbado.

In the same year, in collaboration with IUAV, Elisa Bastianello, and Comune of Costa Bissara, he realized the chronicle photographic documentation of the book “Il Castello ed il Feudo dei Bissari, tra Storia e Mito”, with tridimensional reconstructions of antique castle of the place, edited and published by Omega Editions.

In 2015 he developed graphic and photographic structure & documentation about, the book “I Capitelli del Camposampierese” written by Laura Marcato, and published in 2015, by Cleup Editions.

In november 2015 he participated to collective exhibition “Nuovi Segnali” at Conservatorio Cesare Pollini, supported by Centro Culturale San Gaetano Altinate, Comune di Padova, organized and cured by  Guido Bartorelli.

The 14 December 2015 he reaches his artistic consecration, with an exhibition and experimental music performance, for the first time invite and recognized in Europe, to ROA - Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in London, one of the most important historical landmarks, for contemporary art and innovation in english capital, projected by John Nash and used as Art gallery since 1821, with collaboration of Rosi Raneri & Elizabeth Mitchell D’Anna.

In 2016 he was contacted by Jelmoni Studio Gallery to collaborate with diferent european galleries, from London to Berlin, as one of the maximum exponent of italian Subvertising, Culture Jamming, Concept Street Art & Brandalisms movements. The 12 February 2016 He was invited, to take a music performance and an exhibition at “Flu Games Berlin II” in collaboration with  INTERNATIONALE FILMFESTPIELE BERLIN 2016 - BERLINALE, at Berlin, to the prestigious location of Maltzfabrik, an ex industrial complex for extraction of malt, converted to an interesting and suggestive event place. The exhibition was cured by Elena Jelmoni.

In 13 march 2016, he was invited to participate at XI Mostra Internazionale di Arte Contempoanea “EXPO/EGOS XI”, in Rome, to magnificent and famous location for artistic events, of Sale del Bramante in Piazza del Popolo, cured by Rosi Raneri. This exhibition as Berlinale, represents an very important goal on artists carrier, and also a turning point on development on new generation of contemporary italian artists.

In 12 May 2016, had the great possibility to partecipate present his work to the exhibition of Visioni Visionari at MIIT  - Museo Internazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, of Torino, and the relative publication of art works exposed,  on famous magazine Italia Arte, with print run of 50.000 copies  an international distribution and a translation in four languages. For the first time he exposed in a museal istitution, all cured and supported by the critic and the owner of museum Guido Folco.

In September 2016 he had the grate opportunity to be involved inthe cretion, organisation with a final performance to “ Feel Green Festival - A sustainable way of life at Parco Lonzina, Torreglia, Padua, Italy, a festival setted on ecosostenibility, art, biodesign, 0 km biofood, live & electronic music, an ideas to increase the value of local entities and cultural envirorment as a place to share arts, experiencies, ideas from differents fields, taken shape from collaboration of different voluntiers, associations, radios and sponsor.

In november 2016 he exposed to Padova Fiere S.p.a. ad ARTE PADOVA 2016 - 27 Mostra Mercato d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea with Gio Art gallery one of most important gallery in Italy and a great point of refer for Pop Art in Italy, cured and under the supervision of gallerist Giovambattista Bevacqua. In january of 2017 with the same galley exposed also to ARTE FIERA GENOVA - Mostra Mercato d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea.

From 2017 to today he has produced various musical artistic projects and related productions, including aleX, Night Off, Jack Chester, Francis Moore, IMHO, Hotplay.

- In May 2017 he exhibited again at the Padua Fiere S.p.a. on the occasion of the FLORMART GARDEN SHOW exhibition, a project including an application, masterplan and related commercials, votes to enhance the extra-urban viability, the territory and the environment of the northern suburbs of Padua and the Arcella district, with a redevelopment intervention and Urban regeneration.

In 2016 - 2017 Art director and photographer for Blanco Lounge Bar

In 2017 He held a musical performance at Villa Vergerio da Ponte at the Municipality of Cadoneghe di Padova

In 2017 Art Direction for venues such as Blanco, Keaton, Cacau Brasil, and collaboration with Apache Design

In May 2018 he held an artistic performance during the three days of the Birritalia / Birriitaly Festival, organized in the Parco della Musica / Parco Europa in Padua.

In 2018 he launched the Vintage Things brand, focused on the re-positioning, revaluation of vintage-style products with new production techniques and contemporary reinterpretation.

In 2018 he collaborates with the fashion and cinema photographer Roberto Gandoli

In 2014 - 2018 Creation and management of Company Websites: Pauro Salotti, Giuseppe Nalin, Giallo Sun


In November 2018 he sets up the exhibition "Occhi di Luna" by Antonio Ievolella, at the Fornace Morandi in Padua, with the patronage of the Municipality of Padua and curated by Virginia Baradel.

In 2018 Management of record production studio in Sant Josep de sa la Talaia in Ibiza, Spain

In 2019 the creation of a coordinated image and live shooting collaborations with the Giuseppe Verdi music band San Giorgio delle Pertiche (PD), Giuseppe Verdi from Sant Andrea di Campodarsego (PD), Lendinara city band, in collaboration with the Veneto Region and the Banca di Cooperative Credit of Padua.

In April 2019 he holds a series of Experimental Photographic Workshops in the Venetian Villas of the Camposampierese area, in collaboration with the federation of the Municipalities of the Camposampierese including the Municipality of Camposampiero at Villa Querini, the Municipality of Massanzago at Villa Baglioni and the Municipality of Villanova di Camposampiero at Villa Ruzzini, with the aim of enhancing and promoting local culture and local resources.

In January 2019 - 2022, he is Film Producer, editor, screenwriter, composer for the soundtracks for the short film entitled "Kiss - Future of a generation", directed by Tony Morgan & Roberta Arnone with the practice of the Municipality of Cittadella (Padua ), with related interviews with TvA Vicenza, Rai2 (Stracult), and in Radio Cafè 24 and Radio Canale Italia and relative appearance of the initiative on newspapers such as Il Mattino di Padova, Gazzettino, Ansa, Padova Oggi, Padova News, Occhi Magazine.

In 2019 he is co-producer, film editor of the film "The pirates of Lambrusco in the Gulf of Naples" by Fausto Ferraboschi

In 2019 he is artistic director of the Fashion Maison, Fashion Brand, Fashion Design Mayte Sasot

In 2019 he is artistic the director of photography in the music video Not Doing What You Want by Joiah directed by Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa.

From 2020 he follows the courses for Masters in Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, organized by the Veneto Region in collaboration with the University of Padua and Enaip - Centro Studi per il Restauro Andrea Mantegna.

In 2020 he carries out the conservative restoration for some stone artefacts of the Museum of the Eremitani in Padua with Enaip - Centro Studi per il Restauro Andrea Mantegna


In 2020 he is Restoration Technician at the Paolo Trivellato Restoration Studio - Restoration of Antique Furniture in Este in the province of Padua


From 2021 and Creative Director for the Villa San Giuliano - Zandonai Foundation in Pesaro

In 2021 he was set up, screenwriter and production collaborator with Mainborad Production of Cinecittà for the Film Rocky Giraldi - Crime in Porta Portese directed by Mirko Alivernini.

In 2021 he is the Co.Director for music video Delorian - 1987 by Galaxy Hills - With Francesco Gozzo as main Director and Luca Perin as Director of Photography.

Since 2022 he is Creative Director and consultant for the Ai.grading & Game Vision brand.

From 2022 and Creative Director for the Californian brand e.Cigara - Europe.

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